Incorporating Gas Energy's expertise into Geopost's technology platform, IGNIS's mission is to serve as an active planning tool in developing strategies applied in the Brazilian natural gas market.

With IGNIS, customized scenarios for projecting natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids (NGL) can be created for any Brazilian producing region with a variety of filters that allow understanding and analysis of current and planned infrastructure.

Built in a safe and private simulation environment, and in an interface with georeferenced maps, IGNIS is a robust and easy-to-use strategy-making tool.


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• Is there infrastructure available to yield and process future field production?
• If not, what is the best investment alternative to allow such production? New route? Change in reinjection?
• What blocks of the next Pre-Salt rounds are more feasible from the point of view of the existing and planned infrastructure?
• What is the presence of other players and what types of strategies can they adopt?
• How will NGL production from future fields be monetized?


• Projection of gas, oil and NGL production;
• Analyses with aggregation of data by player, pipeline, NGPU, field and other filters;
• More than 240 production units in the reference scenario (offshore and onshore);
• Infrastructure bottleneck and investment opportunity analysis;
• Platform-level detailing;
• Web-based information portal;
• Secure and private simulation environment.

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